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Re: Active | Experiments with Material

RE:ACTIVE Experiments with Materials and Objects

18th Sep. – 3rd Oct. 2021

Opening reception 17th Sep. 2021, 7pm
Opening address by the artists:
Regina Jankowski, Karsten Kelsch, Birgit Maaß, Marianne Stoll
These largely spacious three dimensional works explore the relationship between objects, points of reference, structure, colour and the impact on transformative points of view.

For more information:

Press release (GR)



Newcomers 2020

DIE NEUEN (New Members)

28th Aug. – 12th Sep. 2021

Opening reception 27th Aug. 2021, 7pm

The VBK proudly presents 11 newcomers 2020.
Postponed due to the pandemic, the art association can finally present the works of its newcomers selected in December 2020.
In this international exhibition, with members from Columbia, Italy, France, Japan, Liechtenstein, South Korea and Germany, the artists present their current work of various approaches and individual position.


Carolina Amaya
Judith Brunner
Andrea Cataudella
Jeanne Fredac
Yukihiro Ikutani
Andrea Imwiehe
Patrick Kaufmann
Hyeja Kim
Sylvia Seelmann
Martin Wellmer
Ila Wingen

The exhibition is accompanied by an opening speech by Sabine Schneider, 1. Chairwoman of the VBK und Ila Wingen, participating artist.

Paintings – Drawings – Graphic Art – Works on Paper – Sculpture – Installation Photography – Audio/Video installation

Press release (in GR with short outline of the artists' works)


Contemporary History revisited

Contemporary History Revisited - Berlin (West) in the 60s

13th Aug. – 22nd Aug. 2021

(West) Berlin in the 60s

Outlooks · Perspectives · Witnesses · Contemporary history

Opening reception 13th Aug. 2021 at 7pm

Historical documentary photography by

Herbert Ernst · Georg Pahl Junior · Dieter Hoffmann und Georg Pahl Senior

In cooperation with the Open Documentary Team Berlin


Fressen (Devour)

Fressen (Devour)

24th July – 8th Aug. 2021

Opening reception 23rd July, 7pm

Ute Deutz, Ute Faber, Jeanne Fredac, Futuria Art, Sybille Hoessler, Ina Lindemann, Simone Kornfeld, Nositiv Atelier, Gerd Pilz, Jens Reulecke, Corinna Rosteck, Franziska Rutishauser, Marianne Stoll, Tina Tahir, Catrin Wechler.

Curated by Franziska Rutishauser

The term devour (and particularly fressen in GR) goes beyond mindless consumption. It encapsulates excessive production, particularly food, on an industrial scale and an excessive behaviour exclusively known only to mankind. Many exploit resources, among them even other people in order to gain property and wealth.

This third sequel to the exhibition Fressen (devour) finalises the trilogy curated by Franziska Rutishauser which started with the exhibitions Sex (2019) and Mortality (2020).

On display are various forms of art; from photography, sculpture, installation, material art, and drawings to videos. Each manifestation has been created with the concept of devouring, be it an emphasis on surplus, waste, greed or simply an addiction.

Press release (PDF in GR)


Berlin - Sofia | Brave New Earth


3rd – 18th of July 2021

Opening Reception, Friday, 2nd of July 2021 at 7pm

The Berliner Arts Association VBK proudly presents the bilateral arts exhibition BRAVE NEW EARTH: LOOKING FORWARD THROUGH MEMORIES, in cooperation with the Bulgarian Culture Institute Berlin.

The title sums up the concept behind the exhibition: can we build a better humanitarian and natural future by studying past events? Can history guide our imaginative and creative impulses needed to come up with new ideas to sustain the planet? The works on display may not answer these fundamental questions, but do inspire to look at history as a thought provoking process.

Snezhana Yoveva from the Cultural Department of the Foreign Office in Sofia and the curator Nia Tabakova present this bilateral national project together with the Bulgarian Institute for Arts and Culture in Berlin and the VBK, who is staging the exhibition inside its gallery.

Artists contributing from Bulgaria: Zara Alexandrova, Zoran Georgiev,Vikenti Komitski, Ivan Kostolov, Elizabeth Thallauer, Veneta Androva, Marta Djourina, Elena Kaludova, Iva Vacheva,

VBK: Siegrid Müller-Holtz, Sebastian Kusenberg, Siggi Torinus/ Andrea Sunder-Plassmann, Ina Lindemann, Marianne Gielen, Jutta Barth, Sabine Schneider, Peter Schlangenbader, Simone Kornfeld, Birgit Maaß

Concept: Nia Tabakova and Snezhana Yoveva. | Curator for the Bulgarian side: Nia Tabakova | Curator for the Berlin side: VBK and Simone Kornfeld

Press release      Concept 'Brave New Earth'


A virtual tour of the current exhibition with Simone Kornfeld



12th June – 27th June 2021

Opening reception 11th June, 7pm

The gallery VEREIN BERLINER KÜNSTLER prodly presents its coming exhibition SIMILARITIES / DIFFERENCES from the 12th to the 27th of June.

Artists participating:
Jürgen Kellig, Joan Lazeanu,
Petra Tödter, Burchard Vossmann

Welcoming address: Sabine Schneider, 1. Chairwoman of the VBK

In this particular exhibition four positions are presented by these four artists from Berlin, emphasising abstraction and immateriality in art.

Jürgen Kellig (drawings), Joan Lazeanu (paintings), Petra Tödter (objects) und Burchard Vossmann (collage, accumulative installation) present works that seem very different at first glance but have some similarity in terms of form or underlying structure.

The aim of the exhibition is to square the circle by putting these different works together to form a work-of-art-experience. The suspense of the opposing forces of banality and higher abstraction creates an energy between harmony and dissonance, challenging the viewer to make sense of the supposed contradiction.

Invitation Similarities vs Differences

Press release (GR)




21st May - 6th June 2021

Opening reception: Friday, 21st of May 2021, 7pm

Due to dwindling new cases of Corona, we are delighted to be able to reopen the Gallery VEREIN BERLINER KÜNSTLER.

We can therefore invite you and your friends to the current exhibition MEDIANAUTIC this Friday the 21st of May at 7pm. Please note that the same rules apply for the reception as for a regular vist to the exhibition.

Artists contributing:

Sandra Becker, Monika Funke Stern, Hartmut Jahn, Maria Korporal, Richard Stimmel, Sigi Torinus

Curated by Monika Funke Stern

Accompanying this exhibition is an evening event with the artists (Artist Talk) on the 28th of May at 7pm.

We hope to see you at the exhibition or at the evening event barring any change in rules regarding the pandemic. Currently we must still ask you to provide a valid negative test result not older than two days or evidence of a vaccination and to register two days in advance. Please use the following email and telephone no. for this purpose:, +4915751142263. A mask and keeping a minimum distance is still required.

Download the catalogue of the current exhibition here.

Multimedia - Audio/Video Installation

Invitation | Artist Talk Friday, 28. May at 7pm via zoom

Accompaning the current exhibition "Medianautic" at the VBK Gallery, was an online evening event with the artists on Friday the 28th May.

You can watch the recording of the Zoom-Chat via YouTube below.


Update 21

Update21 | 24. April - 16. May 2021

UPDATE is our annually held exhibition series free of any prerequisite. The artists work together within a group in order to present a variety of works with various approaches to artistic expression.

Download list of participating artists (PDF)




02/04/ - 18/04/ 2021

In cooperation with Czech Centre Berlin, the VBK gallery proudly presents the exhibition Time Shift II |POSUN V CASE II.

Starts Friday, 2nd of April 2021. Ends Sunday, 18th of April 2021.

The usual opening event has been cancelled. You can, however, get an impression on our YouTube channel:
YouTube VBK channel

Time shift II - Posun v Case II is a sequel to the precursory exhibition between Berlin and Prague and a continuation of fruitful collaboration that already took place in both cities in 2018/19. This year, emphasis is laid on works of art that have largely been formed and created by so-called new media.

Cooperation between the German and Czech artists has been an exchange in positions and ideas from each artistic scene, enhancing a mutual knowledge of each other’s culture and artistic methods.

This month 16 artists present their work together in the VBK gallery, eight of which are from the NSPU Prague, eight from the VBK. Due to Covid we have decided to project the artists’ work in photographic form. This bilateral project seeks to further strengthen the ties between both countries and establish an on-going relationship.

Due to Covid and the nature of this bilateral project between Berlin and Prague, we have put additional emphasis on the virtual side of presentation. The artists from Prague have kindly submitted their works in photographic form, so that a presentation of all works can be displayed simultaneously. Different forms and methods have been added since the launch of this project in 2018, so that a continuous virtual display is possible. This coming May the baton is handed over to the Czech artists and will be communicated here accordingly with various digital material available on request.

Current presentation of the exhibition:

Introductory speech by Simone Kornfeld:

Contributing artists are: Silke Bartsch, Sandra Becker, Catherine Bourdon, Judith Brunner, Karel Dvorak, Jeanne Fredac, Simone Kornfeld, Milan Krenek, Ina Lindemann, Alena Petrickova, Zdenka Reinerova, Zdenek Ripa, Ruza Spak, Petr Tosovsky, Marian Zajicek, Vaclava Zouplnova
Conceptual management: Simone Kornfeld

In accord with the current rules in place in regards to the pandemic, we must ask you to make an appointment two days prior to visiting the exhibition. For this purpose, please use the following email:

Also, please note that a medical note asserting a negative Corona result is required to gain access to the gallery. Inside you will need to wear a mask and keep your distance.

Please also use our online booking system. You can pick a slot and ease registration considerably!

Despite the inconvenience, we wish you a pleasant visit!

Press release in three languages (DE, CZE, EN) with selected previews of the exhibits.

Circulations - Print in Dialogue

Circulations - Print in Dialogue 15/03 - 28/03/2021

Exhibition with Catalogue on the 15. March 2021, Printmaking Day 

The usual vernissage has been cancelled.

Each year on the 15. March we celebrate the traditional techniques of printmaking in its various forms; historical achievements that have been added to the UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage List. Tag der Druckkunst

In accord with the Berlin Senate's decision to allow galleries to re-open under stable new cases of Corona, entrance to the gallery is permitted by appointment.

 We ask you, therefore, to contact us by phone or e-mail before arrival: / 0160 96706679 / 01786805623

Please adhere to the safety precautions in place: wear a mask and keep enough distance to others.

 Exhibition runs: 15/03 to 28/03/2021

Artists contributing:
Silke Bartsch., Viola Bendzko, Catherine Bourdon, Christoph Damm, Ute Faber, Wilfried Habrich, Claudia Hartwig, Margret Holz, Heehyun Jeong, Patrick Kaufmann, Jürgen Kellig, Friedericke Linssen, Gerd Logemann, Deborah S. Phillips, SOOKI, Anita Staud, Martin Wellmer

Project management and concept:

Viola Bendzko & Claudia Hartwig

List of exhibts (PDF)

Circulations -Invite to the virtual panel discussion

Sunday, 28/03/21 16:00 -17:00h
"Art Print in Dialogue"
Host: Catherine Bourdon

Link to Livestream:

The chat-room will be live from 15.30h onwards.

Participants can deactivate their cameras (and mic!) during the discussion. This event will be recorded for the VBK's archives. This event will be held in German.

Climate Change Aspects


Wie Leben? | Living Conditions

Annual Exhibition | Living Conditions

The last event of the year is our annually held exhibition dedicated specifically to the question of how and in what way we want to live in the future.

Philosophically, life and its verb living are a continuous exchange between action and reaction, the consumption and release of energy as well as a cognitive assessment of various levels of information. Perhaps unique to humankind is his or her ability to abstract from these daily signals and contemplate experience on a conscious and unconscious level.

This exhibition tries to elaborate on this last thought by asking how we want to live in the future and to what extent the individual is master of his or her surroundings, especially in regards to the socio-cultural context of the individual.

In 71 exhibits, the gallery VBK presents various visualizations in context with this complex, abstract and yet very personal and profane topic.

Portfolio of the artists

Vitual tour of the exhibition

Mortality | Exhibition

Mortality | Exhibition

06. 11. to 29. 11. 2020

In this exhibition a selection of individual works was displayed in regards to mortality in its various forms.

Contributors were:
Marion Angulanza • Michael Augustinski • Sandra Becker • Gerda Berger
Ute Deutz • Ute Faber • Ulrich Heemann • Sibylle Hoessler • Susanne Knaack
Ina Lindemann • NÄNZI • Larissa Nod • Gerd Pilz • Jens Reulecke
Franziska Rutishauser • Marianne Stoll • Andrea Sunder-Plassmann
Catrin Wechler • Rolf-Jürgen Windorf • H. H. Zwanzig

Death is an inexorable part of life. With life comes death sooner or later, a condition that accompanies us a lifetime and forms a great part of our consciousness. The very act of dying is the ultimate act of losing control. The fantasies, fears and icy chill it creates has preoccupied various creeds of thought and faith the world over.

Beyond death itself, a belief in life-after-death is equally ubiquitous, often tied with conceptions of punishment or reward. In many cultures, the dead are often thought to accompany the living in various forms or another. Myths, ghost stories and films are full of surreal ideas about death, not least because a complete biological decay of the body seems to be in stark contrast to the strong belief in an ever-living spiritual soul. The ancient Greek Seneca himself declared death and decay as part of a natural law and not as something fatal or final.

Human interaction with and around death is therefore widely construed, mainly cultivating psychological factors of loss and survival. Fearlessness, determination and courage in respect to overcoming a potentially dangerous situation motivates some while fear paralyses others.

During the Black Plague death was accompanied by superstition and blame which often led to further killings. It has always been a condition outside our control, often even exacerbating interaction with one another. In more recent times we have even found ways to systematically kill in order to preserve standards of living. Our newest challenge now is the fact that we as a species bring death to large areas of the environment and the natural world in order to secure a comfort and luxurious style.



Reviews in the press:

FAZ: "Tod" by Andreas Kilb

Tagesspiegel: Simone Reber "TOD".pdf

Special events:

"Wir sind auf der Welt, aber gehören dem Himmel" A tribute to the sculpurist NÄNZI with Dr. Helen Adkins and Dietmar H. Heddram, Sunday 15th Nov. 2020.
Press release_NÄNZIE

Sibylle Lewitscharoff reads from the novel "Von Oben" and essay "Flieger, Krabbler, Kriechlinge"
Sunday, 22nd Nov. 2020
Press release_LESUNG


Wild And Connected Plus

Wild and Connected Plus

10th Oct. - 1st Nov. 2020

This joint exhibition was the result of an exchange between the BBK Kunstforum Düsseldorf and the VBK. Two exhibitions were held in sequel during the autumn 2020 in Berlin and Düsseldorf respectively.

Contributing VBK artists were: Jutta Barth, Birgit Borggrebe, Marilyn Green, Maria Korporal, Christiane Rath

Contributing BBK artists were: Hartmut Ahlers, Tilman Schmitten, Peter Stauder, Klaus Stecher.

Press release   Invitation leaflet   Concept

Group Exhibition Vanity

Group Exhibition | Vanity

11th September - 4th October 2020

Vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas! - Nothing lasts forever, all things must pass.......
Kohelet in Ecclesiastes by Salomon

The following artists presented their works to this exciting and diverse exhibition:

Carolina Amaya • Catherine Bourdon • Andrea Cataudella • Monika Funke Stern • Joax • Rosika Jankó- Glage • Ina Lindemann • Larissa Nod • Astrid Roeken • Schlangenbader • Richard Stimmel • Andrea Sunder-Plassmann • Gerard Waskievitz
Concept and management:
Catherine Bourdon und Schlangenbader

Flyer    Press release


UPDATE 20 Vol. 2

19th June –26th July 2020

UPDATE is our annually held exhibition series free of any prerequisite. The artists work together within a group in order to present a variety of works with various approaches to artistic expression and positions.

Thanks to a staged rotary opening we were able to present the artists' current works to the public without violating Covid restrictions. The usual opening evening and vernissage was cancelled.

Press release

UPDATE 20 Vol. 1

Thanks to a staged rotary opening we were able to present the artists' current works to the public without violating Covid restrictions. In all 85 works were put on display in three sequential blocks:

Update 20 | Volume 1

Artists contributing: Jeanne Fredac, Burghild Eichheim, Sylvia Seelmann, Larissa Nod, Peter Schlangenbader, Ute Richter, Karsten Kelsch, Marianne Gielen, Hans-Jürgen Gabriel, Ruźa Spak, Judith Brunner, Susanne Kessler, Silke Bartsch, Sabine Schneider, Karla Woisnitza, Helga Wagner, Birgit Maaß, Lupe Godoy, Jürgen Kellig, Anna von Bassen, Andrea Streit, Marion Angulanza, Rosika Jankó-Glage, Renate Pfrommer, Christian Ebel, Conrad Brockstedt, Catrin Wechler, Joan Lazeanu, Karoline Koeppel, Hella Horstmeier, Norma Drimmer, Dorothea Markner-Weiss.

Deutsche Stiftung Historic Listing

Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz | Historic Preservation Listing

"...the German Foundation for Monument Preservation is expected to fund 17 objects in 2020, including the building housing the gallery VBK in Berlin-Tiergarten. The late classicist building from 1858 opposite the New National Gallery and close to today's Kulturforum is one of the few remaining buildings from the first development of the quarter around the Matthäuskirche. The delicate façade ornamentation is a reminder and typical example of the period. The front building and especially the side wings were badly damaged during the war. In 1964, the Berlin Artists' Association, founded in 1841, chose the building as its headquarters. Among the members of the oldest, still active artists' association in Europe were Johann Gottfried Schadow, Adolph Menzel, Oskar Begas, Max Liebermann, Walter Leistikow, Conrad Felixmüller or Heinrich Zille. So in a way, the house is the nucleus of Berlin's rapidly growing art and gallery quarter..."

Press release from the foundation



29th Feb. – 22nd March 2020

Opening reception took place on Friday the 28th of Feb. 2020 at 7pm

Special events were on 2nd and 3rd of May 2020 from 3pm to 6pm

Due to the current situation we had to shut down all actives because of the pandemic. This was a welcoming re-opening of the exhibition IMAGO MUNDI which was interrupted earlier in the year.

Artists contributing were:
Christoph Damm, Marianne Gielen, Ute Richter, Sabine Schneider and Andrea Wallgren.


Video Imago Mundi

Links to further infos see below


Invitation    Press release     Catalogue


7 POSITIONS | New Members

1st Feb. - 23rd Feb. 2020

7 POSITIONS saw 7 exhibts of the seven new artists who were admitted to the VBK in 2018/2019.

Regine Jankowski • Joax • Birgit Maaß • Sandra Schmidt • Burchard Vossmann 
Catrin Wechler • Ayca Nina Zuch (2018)



Vernissage took place on 31st Jan. 2020, 7pm

Welcoming address by Sabine Schneider, 1. Chairperson VBK
Laudatio by SCHLANGENBADER, VBK member

Finissage: 22nd Feb. 2020, 6pm
Lyrical performance by SCHLANGENBADER

Press release

ACB | Guest Denkerei Mobil

ACB 10. Febuary 2020

Guest ‘Denkerei Mobil’ at ARTS CLUB BERLIN

Monday, 10th Feb. 2020

The rule-of-law principle as a condition for religious outlook.
Steps for a new understanding in European Enlightenment.

A series of lectures by Bazon Brock "Europe fading? Europe thriving!"




Exhibition, 22. June to
14. Juli 2019
Vernissage, Friday, 21. June, 19.00h

Joint project between Verein Berliner Künstler and the Goethe Institut Porto Alegre, Brasil.
: Sandra Becker, Elaine Tedesco



MindsetsON WorldSTAGE

MindsetsON WorldSTAGE

Opening, Friday the 24th May 2019

From the 25th of May to the 16th of June Carolina Patino Mayer, Claus Feldmann and Franziska Rutishauser present their work as part of the art exhibition MindsetsON WorldSTAGE.

In this particular exhibition, all three artists focus on a conceptual assessment of photography. As opposed to a snapshot, these staged photographs are compiled to evoke a conscious view of the image and invite to re-intertpret its contents. Technology is used to support this approach but is not meant to distract the spectator in their mental activity. The three artists do not want to simply re-tell the visual world but intend to will the suspension of disbelief. Time sequencing inhances the process, dismantling and playing with layers of expectation. The ultimatle aim is to make the spectator aware of the perceptional traps we tend to fall into when looking at so-called realistic photographs. These image-concepts are designed to lay bare the illusion of an objective reality and contribute to the disenchantment of viewing the world solely on our owns terms.