Gallery Verein Berliner Künstler - Haus der Künstler

Fressen (Devour)

24th July – 8th Aug. 2021

Opening reception 23rd July, 7pm

Ute Deutz, Ute Faber, Jeanne Fredac, Futuria Art, Sybille Hoessler, Ina Lindemann, Simone Kornfeld, Nositiv Atelier, Gerd Pilz, Jens Reulecke, Corinna Rosteck, Franziska Rutishauser, Marianne Stoll, Tina Tahir, Catrin Wechler.

Curated by Franziska Rutishauser

The term devour (and particularly fressen in GR) goes beyond mindless consumption. It encapsulates excessive production, particularly food, on an industrial scale and an excessive behaviour exclusively known only to mankind. Many exploit resources, among them even other people in order to gain property and wealth.

This third sequel to the exhibition Fressen (devour) finalises the trilogy curated by Franziska Rutishauser which started with the exhibitions Sex (2019) and Mortality (2020).

On display are various forms of art; from photography, sculpture, installation, material art, and drawings to videos. Each manifestation has been created with the concept of devouring, be it an emphasis on surplus, waste, greed or simply an addiction.

Press release (PDF in GR)


Visting the Gallery

Please note that wearing a mask and keeping a minimum distance is still required while inside the gallery. At peak times we must ask you to wait a few minutes before allowed admittance and to adhere to the one way system, i.e. leave through the balcony door and over the courtyard.


180 year Jubilee Verein Berliner Künstler


In our 180th jubilee this year we are delighted to announce four new honorary members of international fame who were kind enough to follow our Invitation. The four new artists of Berlin background are:

Elvira Bach, painter and graphic artist; Achim Freyer, painter, director and stage designer;
Jonas Burgert, 
painter; Wolfgang Petrick, painter, graphic and object artist.

More information: 

In June 2021 more print material will be available.